Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 83 ~Kind of a Cheat...

I didn't get outside today! It's so crazy! The wind could have taken me away!! LOL I hope my roses make it through this storm!

Day 82~

The ONLY picture I took while I was in Reno. It didn't help that I forgot my tripod!

Day 81 ~ Fishin' time!

Hopefully, I'll be fishing with my Pops at least one day when he comes up next weekend! Steelhead season is almost over...but April 1st is open Fly Fishing!

Day 80 ~ Red Bluff Round Up is almost here!!

Doesn't he look like he belongs on a Stetson bottle??? LOL

I love me some This is from the Redding Rodeo last year. In less than three weeks I will be watching the boys in the Red Bluff Round Up. This year I'd like to work on improving my barrel racing photos. I'm still having a slight issue with taking action photos in RAW/manual.

Day 79 ~

He just won't give up! I already knocked down his nest and about 15 minutes later he was back at it, fixing it up. I usually don't kill any kind of bugs/animals/wildlife but he was starting to piss me off. I really don't like wasps nests in the umbrella!

Yep...shocker I know..I'm behind. I drove to Reno on Thursday to be with my Sister during some rough times.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 78 ~Bulbs blooming....

....but the thing is I have never planted where did this one come from??

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 77 ~A Bugs Life ~ I couldn't choose just one photo!

A tiny white spider....

Dragon Fly....Not the sharpest photo..

I have no idea what type of bugs these are...maybe mosquitoes?? I googled "mosquitoes mating" and I don't think these are mosquitoes. They seem to mating though. ;)

I was planning on cleaning out the closets today but it's just way too nice to be stuck inside! I pulled up some weeds in my rose garden which is looking the best I've seen it in two years! There are so many buds already and some are ready to bloom! I can't wait! I love spring!!!!

Day 76 ~ Squirrel or Rat??????

After going through the pictures I took yesterday this is all I! I'm not sure what my issue was last night but I obviously was having a difficult time focusing correctly. I took a lot of pictures of some new blooms but every single one of them was out of focus or not as sharp as I would have hoped.

There is a huge nest in our neighbors kumquat tree. I think it is a squirrel, but it could be a rat. I'm just not sure what this lil lady is! It's not the best picture but it will do!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 75 ~Jo Jo is four months old today!!

Jovita with Uncle Chris!

Jovita is now four months old! She got her ears pierced on Friday! She looks so cute! I can't believe how fast she is growing!

Day 74 ~Thomas' Birthday!

We celebrated Thomas' fourth birthday yesterday! He is such a ham! He was so tired while opening his presents, he was cracking up just playing with the tissue paper!

We all had a great day hanging out and enjoying the first day of spring!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 73 ~

I'm working on getting one of these printed for a lady that asked me to take pictures of her husbands things. He passed away a year ago this May. She is giving these to her children for Easter.

I think I like the sepia best. What do you think? This isn't the way I would have set it up but she wanted the bedspread and the curtains in the photo. I do like the way it turned out though. She is such a sweet lady! I will be framing and maybe matting these for her too. Any ideas on the frame style?

Day 72

These flowers remind me of baby's breath that come along with a bouquet of flowers. They just might be...

Day 71 ~

Cactus at the Botanical Gardens. I'm behind this week. I have been taking pictures I just haven't put them on the blog. I really haven't been in the mood this week. Yesterday was the first day I didn't sleep all day. I think I have this cold under control now. I'm finished with all my medications and now just dealing with allergies! The joy of spring time!

Day 70 ~ Botanical Gardens with Jaylene

Jaylene next to the stick house.

The water rock display

Jaylene was a little afraid to stand next to the sign....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 69 ~ Hummingbirds

This one is my favorite!!!

Day 68 ~ Buzz

It is a little intimidating to hear all the buzzing while you're taking pictures!!

~Taking Off~

I actually took these today. Kind of a cheat. They aren't the best, I was having a hard time manually focusing before the lil guys flew off.

Jaylene and I are going to the botanical gardens after she gets home from school so that will be todays picture.

I can't be outside too long because yesterday I learned the hard way about why my medication reads "Avoid prolonged or excessive exposure to direct sunlight while taking this medication" Even though I had on sunscreen, I still got sunburnt. Today I bought regular lotion that has SPF 15 in it along with my sunscreen that is SPF 45 so hopefully that helps.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 67~ Northern Flickers

I was trying to get a picture of the Oak Titmouse that is making a nest in one of the peach trees but as soon as I had my camera set up he/she flew off. So, I saw these two Northern Flickers, the one with the red is the male. They can be pretty noisy.

I will work on getting the Oak Titmouse tomorrow. Going to Walmart was a little much for me today and I must lay down. I can't wait until I feel better!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

day 66 take two!

Hail on the trampoline~

Well I went back to the doctors today so hopefully I will start feeling normal soon. Two new antibiotics, another inhaler, cough medicine and a shot in my booty! LOL

This rainbow was a highlight in my day...well besides seeing Jbug when she got home from school!!

Day 66 ~Blah day....

It's raining. I'm playing catch up again. I have a doctors appt in 45 minutes. Here's a picture of Jaylene's cabbage. It seems to be doing well now that I planted it.

Day 65 ~ Peach blossom....

I was able to get outside this morning before it starting raining again. The peach blossoms are opening up!

Day 64

I'm still not feeling right as rain, so I am behind again.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 63 ~ What is this?

Does anyone wanna guess what this is??? Took it this morning.

Okay, I'm caught up now!! I think I threw in an extra day Oh well! Time for my nap!

Day 62 ~ My life lately......

I swear none of these are working!! I'm still coughing up my left lung (lost the right one three days I thought I had enough pictures from my trip to cover the days I missed but I didn't. So, I took this one a few minutes Hopefully I will be getting different medicine tomorrow, or at least better cough meds!

Day 61 ~

My drive home yesterday. I didn't stop to take these, I was driving. Probably not the safest thing to

Day 60 ~Same day...kind of a cheat...

Another picture of the dark clouds after the tornado........

Day 59 ~Tornado

My sister and I saw a tornado just to the right of that building. It hit the black pile of dirt and started swirling around in the white funnel. I didn't get a picture of the tornado but I did get a picture of the clouds and the dark sky!

Day 58 ~ Dad & Uncle Gil

The doctor told Dad to start walking, I'm pretty sure he didn't mean outside for a Dad doesn't look too happy that I'm taking his picture!!!

Day 57 ~ Snake River

Snake River. I wish I would have stopped coming out of Twin Falls for a photo of it but luckly it runs all the way through Idaho. It's amazing! It almost looks like the Grand Canyon. Although I've never been to the Grand

Day 56 ~Hopital view sunset

This sunset was amazing. I just didn't a great angle from the hospital parking lot.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Drive Home

I drove a total of 1,621 miles.

I'm behind. My sister and I had to drive to Rupert Idaho to see my Dad in the hospital. He had surgery to repair a hole in his intestines, and to remove scar tissue. I took a few pictures while I was there and I will play catch up tomorrow. This is what I drove home in today. For those of you that know me, know that I hate driving in the snow. At one point I was crying. It just compacted the stress I've been under. I visited the ER in the next town over on Thursday to find that I have bronchitis and a sinus infection. I should have gone to the ER where my Dad was staying but I didn't want them to know I was sick.

I'm tired, sick, really glad to be home and very happy that my Dad is home from the hospital.

I hope to catch up on everyone elses blogs tomorrow!!!!