Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 77 ~A Bugs Life ~ I couldn't choose just one photo!

A tiny white spider....

Dragon Fly....Not the sharpest photo..

I have no idea what type of bugs these are...maybe mosquitoes?? I googled "mosquitoes mating" and I don't think these are mosquitoes. They seem to mating though. ;)

I was planning on cleaning out the closets today but it's just way too nice to be stuck inside! I pulled up some weeds in my rose garden which is looking the best I've seen it in two years! There are so many buds already and some are ready to bloom! I can't wait! I love spring!!!!


  1. Hahaha~ i think those mating bugs are beetles. I freaking love the 4th up close one. LOL, you should make that your profile pic on FB. Ha! The purple flowers are beautiful. Took me a while to find that tiny spider, it was a treasure hunt. I wish I had your yard, but not the maintenance! ;) Looking forward to visiting with you this summer. ~♥~t

  2. Great shots - all of them, but the second mating bugs is pretty incredible and sharp. Did you use a macro lens for that?