Friday, December 11, 2009

Leaves ~Day 11

I'm not sure if it's the weather or the fact it's Friday. I usually have a picture posted by 11am but today I'm late. I tried feeding the birds, driving around and I couldn't find anything that screamed "take a picture of me". I even took a picture of my toilet and almost posted that. I guess that's just the way I'm feeling today! So enjoy the lame attempt for my photo of the day! Have a great weekend!

Okay, so I did get some pictures of some magpies...and here they are!!!


  1. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up the momentum of shooting every day, I know exactly how you feel! I sometimes have to go find something, other times things find me. The trick is to have the camera ready! And sometimes even some uninspired shots (like toilets) can be made interesting - that is part of the challenge! I can't believe that I've been doing it for a month; and each day I feel more of a need to shoot, and I make my way toward the things that might be interesting - an interesting place to eat lunch, the grocery store, a frozen waterfall... even the bathroom :) Don't lose the momentum! Your shots are wonderful, and if nothing more, it's practice and refinement of skills. Sometimes just a story - like your coffee pot spill :) I think I tend to get uninspired when I feel like I'm pressured to make the shot of the day, but somehow it always works itself out. You definitely worked it out with your leaves and magpies!

  2. I'm an end of the day poster - I never know what will happen later in the day. The leaf is great and looks a little sad.

  3. Thank you Yolanda for the encouragement! I am use to shooting something every day..just not posting it for the world to see. LOL

    Dijea~ My friend Theresa was asking me the other day why I do my pictures first thing in the morning. Mostly, I'm a morning person. Second, I have my houseb*tch duties to do in the afternoon. But you are right you never know what is going to happen later in the day! Thank you for your comments!!