Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 110 ~ Although I have 132 post..lost on days

Bald Eagle ~ This is as close as I could get, part of the trial is closed due to the construction on the bridge. Someday I'll get a better picture! This is the second year they have had three babies! There is a cool website if you would like to watch them live. http://www.turtlebay.org/eaglecam

A different angle of the Sundial Bridge.

I went for a nice long walk on the river trail yesterday. I figured I'd better get out of the house before the next storm arrived. It's here! The wind and rain is crazy! Expecting over an inch of rain today. Tomorrow I will be adding a few more pictures of Table Mountain.

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  1. Pretty cool eagle shot! You got pretty close (assuming) without a telephoto zoom.