Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 207 ~ Another lizard

Since I haven't gone far in the last week, well at least not with my camera we are stuck with either lizards, spiders or

I'm not sure how many different ways you can photograph a dang lizard but I'm sure this week I will find out.

The word that has been used to describe my mood lately is I'll work on fixing that. When you are frustrated and tired of constant pain it's hard to see the positive. I've decided to go ahead and see about having my back fused, and my discs fixed. I doubt the pain could be any worse than it is now.

Well, I'm heading to the back yard to see what other thing I can find to photograph, since I am behind in my blogging.
Happy Monday!! :)

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  1. I too, am behind on my blogging, and have been feeling complacent. {sigh} Since I got back to Ohio, I feel as though I'm back in that familiar rut, and back to my hospital jail sentence. I haven't even gotten my camera out since I've been here. I really gotta get my head back in the game!