Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 214 ~ Seriously behind in blogging!!

Wow! I am so behind!! I started my new job two weeks ago and I have been having a hard time adjusting to the swing schedule. I am really enjoying my job!! I actually ♥♥♥ it!! I have Sunday and Monday's off, and my sister has Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off so our family will be helping out on the weekends and on Tuesday with the kids. We are very lucky to have such an amazing support system!!

Here are the last photos I've taken, I haven't even picked up my camera in over two weeks! Ugh, I miss it!

Today is Jaylene's first day of the 5th grade!!! Crazy. Where has the time gone? She is so excited! I can't wait to hear about her day. I plan on taking a lot of photos of her this morning, I'm sure I will be embarrassing her but that's what moms are for!! HAHAHA!

I promise once I'm use to this new schedule I will be updating the days I've missed and also commenting on everyone's blog!


  1. Nice to see you back! It's so much fun looking at the world through others' eyes. Even while we're all having our "moments", our struggles, and our experiences - we are sharing them with each other. And even as awful as I feel sometimes, and get so behind on my blog, it always feels like a comfort to get back shooting and seeing life through the eyes of our virtual friends! I'm glad to hear of your new happy job, and that you and Jaylene are adapting to your new home and support system! Point and shoot, my friend!

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