Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 28~Cheat Day

Yesterday Mary and I were really busy finishing up choosing which pictures will be displayed in the Art Hop. We were on our way to Crown Camera, a local printing store to get my larger prints done. We stopped by HDR Imaging to see if they had any extra mats they were going to throw away.

We ended up staying there for about an hour and a half. I was able to get two 11x14's for less than what Crown Camera was going to charge me for one!!! He even let me watch as he "fixed" my editing issues! LOL All my pictures were printed right then and I didn't have to wait 4 days to get them back. He's even going to put them in the frames that I already bought!

I will be showing seven 8x10's, eight 5x7's mounted on foam board, two 11x14's matted and framed in a 16X20. I thought I would show you one of the 11x14 prints, which I have to say looks awesome!!!


  1. so peaceful~

    Bre, I love this photo. Wish I was there listening to the sounds of the water. When I come to visit you, you will have to take me hiking to see all of these waterfalls you have been taking pictures of. BEAUTIFUL~~~ ♥ it

  2. Oh this is a gorgeous shot! It's a typical scene to what I am used to seeing in the Northwest. I guess no matter where you are on the west coast, it is all so very beautiful! Good luck on your showing at the Art Hop! That's so exciting! You will have to report on how it goes! Awesome that you got some great service too! I wish you the best, and hope it is a success for you!