Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 41 ~ Montgomery Creek

It was so nice out today I headed to Montgomery Creek to hike to the Roaring Creek falls which are suppose to be the best in the winter months. Needless to say, I hiked down 2 miles in the wrong direction!! LOL Okay, not really funny as I was cursing myself for not getting two sets of directions. I was about 100 feet above the falls. I could hear them and see parts of it but I couldn't figure out how to get to the bottom without having a heart attack. On the hike back up I was praying for a search and rescue team to air lift me out and cursing yet again that I really should quit smoking!!! (Which I will be doing soon...promise!) I did get some great shots of Mt. Shasta and a few of the Roaring Creek Falls, one really good one of the fall coming out on the side of the road!!! LOL

This is the only part of Roaring Creek I could see......

An HDR of some sort of mine on the side of the river. More to come tomorrow!


  1. Great shots! I am jealous that you were out hiking! Are all of them HDR, or just the last? The shots of Mt. Shasta came out great!

  2. Thanks Yolanda! Just the last one is HDR.

  3. I like the first pic! the close up of the Mt.

    And I like the colors in the last pic of the mine~