Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 43 ~ Mossbrae Falls

Lucky hanging out in the car after our 3 mile hike!

HDR of Mossbrae Falls~

Not an HDR photo~

This was a nice hike that Lucky and I took today. It runs right along the Sacramento River and the railroad tracks. It was a much better hike than I experienced on Tuesday! No wonder they call it the Garden of Eden. I could spend all day here!


  1. Beautiful Bre~ I am coming for a visit and you and I are going to be doing a lot of hiking! LOL and then drinking. ;)

    Love the HDR falls~ ♥it ~t

  2. Love the long exposure of the water. I am trying to decide which I like better. While the first being HDR seems to have much different (and more natural) color tones, I do like the second one for the running water in the stream - there's such great movement! Both waterfalls are so delicate, and nicely composed. Oh, and Lucky is just so cute - he looks like a good driver ;)