Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 29 ~Cheat day...AGAIN..

1/160 sec
ISO 200

Okay! I'm sorry. I have just been too busy to get out and shoot anything new. Plus, it's raining..AGAIN! I've been working on pricing for the Art Hop...which I'm totally lost! I don't want to charge too much and I also don't want to sell myself short. The 11x14 framed and matted photos turned out great!!! I'm so happy with them!

Here's a picture of the moon I took Saturday night. It's my first ever of the moon!

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  1. Eh, I wouldn't consider Saturday night a cheat.. not even a week old! It is necessary sometimes.. especially when getting ready for your showing. I hope you take pictures of it.

    Anyway, this is a great moon shot, and you were lucky enough to have a nice powerful lens to get that capture! I have captured the moon using my Canon A570 through my telescope, believe it or not! Not a technically great shot, but really came out nice in post production!