Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 30

If anyone would like to tell me how to get CR2 file name to open up in either Bridge or Photoshop I'd really appreciate it. I'm really confused..shocker. Right now my camera uploads directly into Elements 7 and I want to start using CS2. I can't seem to figure it out.

Took a couple pictures of the dogs while there was a break in the rain. Lucky was on a roll trying to get the gopher, and Whiskey stood there watching. It was actually pretty funny! At one point they both had their heads in the holes they dug. The other is of a tree that every day intrigues me, I'm not sure why. Maybe the way the light hits the green moss just for a split second, I don't know! LOL

Had to add this one..super funny!


  1. really liked the first two pics of the dogs... lately been loving anything dog...we don't have one, yet. but are planning on bring one into our home this year sometime... think I'm ready to take on another responsibility. I'm really glad to see you catching them in action~

  2. Cute little doggies! They make such fun subjects with all their personality and expression!

    As for your CR2 files, I don't know why you can't open a raw file in Photoshop?? Or are you trying to automatically make them import from your camera to Photoshop? I use my Canon utility to grab all my files off my camera, then I import them into Lightroom and go from there. I shoot in both RAW and JPG, so for each shot I take, I have two data files - a CR2 and JPG, and there should be no problem with Photoshop opening CR2's. Let me know what you find out!