Monday, January 11, 2010

Backyard Fungi

Since Yolanda asked me what types of mushrooms I photographed while visiting the Trinity River I spent an hour looking through pictures of mushrooms. I still don't know what type they are and I'm waiting for an email from someone who hopefully does know! Today I decided to go mushroom hunting in my backyard. I found some!! Again, I don't know what type these are but they make a good picture of the day!

I used my lens cap to show the size of these guys! Pretty big compared to the other mushrooms!


  1. The second picture is my favorite. I might have liked the third picture best without the lens cap. Nice captures!

  2. Mushrooms are like flowers, they are pretty to look at, and have appealing, dynamic shape. I don't recognize any of the species, all I know is that they don't look familiar from the grocery store, so I wouldn't eat any of them! :) otherwise, they make lovely subjects for photographs - and I like the 2nd one too!