Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 23

This one is my favorite......

I drove up to Mt. Shasta today. I was able to get a few shots. Some I'm not too happy with. I've yet to figure out the correct settings for landscape shots with snow. To me, the mountains look too blue and the sky is washed out. I also really super cheated and added some clouds. Just thought I'd try it out. are today's pictures.


  1. Mountains are super hard. I have always had a hard time with them - for the same reasons as you. Sky, snow - just all seems to get lost without much drama. Yet I am drawn like a moth to flame when it comes to landscapes like these. I will keep shooting them, and I will eventually unlock the secret! :) Your shots are beautiful - nothing to worry about here - the first two are great - good contrast between snow and sky. The last one also uses a great foreground anchor which also can add to the depth of landscape shots. You can probably tweak the hell out of them in PP, and see what you can get for textures and depth.

    Use a tripod, and set to aperture priority. Start at your lowest and roll up the F-stops. Use your metering, and just basically try every setting. You're bound to hit just the right balance!

  2. I really like the last one! Mountains are still a novelty to me - I've seen a few on vacations, but I'm flat-land born and raised.

    Seeing signs for Mt. Shasta on my trip to the west coast last summer really floored me. The curriculum I use for teaching earth science to my 6th graders (FOSS Landforms) uses maps and photos of Mt. Shasta to teach a variety of concepts. It was weird to see it in person (even though we didn't actually drive out to the mountain) - kind of like a celebrity sighting. Yeah, I'm a science geek.

  3. Nice shots, but the second one is my favorite.

  4. One of the things I love about you Bre, is that you strive everyday to create a master piece of photography. You are always "seeing" and ready to do what it takes to reach your goals! You are such an inspiration to me, and I know I will cherish this new friendship for many years. Loving our journey~