Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pulling my hair out......

I'm laughing now that I actually read the page that I took a picture of...I should have read it first before taking 72 shots playing around with the shutter speed, ISO, and Aperture. Anyhow, I have a headache, heartburn and I'm really confused. Other than that I'm great!

I didn't get the job but I'm okay with that. Besty is a really nice person, and very encouraging. I am eager to learn more from her. She gave me quite a few suggestions and I'm looking into all of them!! Thank you Besty!

I picked Jaylene up from the bus today and the first thing she asked was how the interview went. I told her that I didn't get it, she said "That's okay Mom, you don't need it, you are a better photographer." That comment made my day! I'm so lucky to have such a supporting family. I'm sure everyone was wondering why I wasn't more disappointed about not getting the job; because I know I have so much more to learn. This is my passion, and on the days that I want to pull my hair out I will remember I love doing this. I will keep on going, stop doubting myself and persevere.

So, these pictures, which I know suck (Oops, not very positive) were shot in Manual. I'll figure it out soon. I bought a book on exposure and I plan on reading it over and over until I understand everything. I know I can do this and it will only make me a better photographer.

Wow, sorry for rambling. Off to Walmart for trashbags and Hannah Montana invitations! :)

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  1. Awe...I'm sorry you didn't get the job :( But think of it as good practice for the next interview! Photography is such a dynamic medium - there is so much to learn and so much to know, and it seems like we are all constantly learning as we go. That's what I love about it - when I make MYSELF happy with a good shot, that's all that matters! Your photos are fantastic, so keep on loving it!