Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Family members

Jaylene wanted to use her Christmas money to get some fish. On Monday, she bought a three gallon tank, with two Mollies and one Tetras. The lady at Walmart did say that two of them were pregnant. I didn't believe her. :) So I was setting up the tank, and went to go put them into their new home and yep....there were babies in the bag!!! So, I took the adults out of the three gallon and put them in a goldfish bowl.

Yesterday, I couldn't handle the three big fish in such a small bowl. Jaylene and I headed to Walmart. Since Jaylene's birthday is on Saturday we bought her a 10 gallon tank. We got home, I set it up and put them into another new home. After a while I decided we needed more fish!! Back to Walmart yet again!! So, we now have 13 babies in the three gallon tank and 6 in the 10 gallon.

I'm pretty sure I'm enjoying our new family members more than Jaylene!!


  1. Awe they are so cute!! Beautiful colors in these shots - almost as if they were captured under water!

  2. That baby fish is so cute! It's just one big eye!