Thursday, January 21, 2010


Theresa and I were talking last night about antiques. I remembered that I have a lot of old things from Aunt Helen. So, while there was a break in the rain I went rummaging through my totes in the garage and found a lot of neat stuff. I will be taking pictures of all this stuff in the next couple days. It works out great since the weather is so bad.

I found my Grandpa's 1935ish Ansco Goodwin Box camera. So amazing that they actually used these cameras!! I don't even know where to start as far as loading the film let alone finding the shutter release! LOL Thank goodness the manual is still in the orginal box!! I looked on E-bay and found a few of these cameras. It's cool to see that mine is in better condition than the ones going for $35.00!

I took this in RAW, processed and converted it into black and white, changing the White Balance to Tungsten. Used the Vignetting effect in the editing. I'm pretty happy with this picture!!


  1. This is a gorgeous still life! I like the soft lighting and the angle you chose. Looking forward to seeing more antiques! Nice job on the RAW mono conversion!

  2. Thank you Yolanda. Slowly but surely I'm getting it!! LOL

  3. Woot, Woot! YES, Bre~ this is absolutely AMAZING! I love it. Aside from the photo of the lilac with the frost on it, this is my absolute favorite photo that I have seen of yours. Probably because I love so many things about it, I love B&W, I love cameras, I love nostalgia, and I love family history! Don't you dare ebay that camera! I think I need this pic for my office~ ♥~t