Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 25

It was so beautiful outside today! I was able to get a lot of yard work finished. Fun times! Getting ready for another rainy week!

Jovita is 2 months and 11 days old today. She and I were laying on the trampoline hanging out and soaking up the rays. I decided to try to take some pictures of her while she was awake and smiling!

These are the best two. I'm still only shooting in AV and I've started playing around with the white balance fuction. I figure I will stick with AV for a couple more weeks.

This next week will be a busy one for me. I will try to keep up with my daily photos, even if it's just pictures of me pulling my hair I'm getting ready for Art Hop and I need to have my list of what works will be displayed turned in by Wednesday and I'm still trying to figure all that out. I will be doing the set up on Feb 9th. I'm really excited!!!


  1. Bre, I believe that portraits are your thing! You have the ability to capture great expression and composition! Great job on the lighting too!

  2. That is an awesome toothless smile.