Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 144 ~ Hollyhocks

I planted this hollyhock two years ago, from seeds I collected from the hollyhocks in the backyard. It's crazy that it finally came up this year! I'd say this is about 9 feet high and the flowers are just starting to bloom.

My back is doing okay. I'm sore. Tired of complaining about it as I'm sure most of you are tired of hearing about! My first procedure is scheduled on June 15th at 8:45am. I'm getting a little nervous but excited to see if it relieves the pain.

Jaylene's last day of school is tomorrow!! I can't believe we will soon have a 5th grader!!! WOW how time flies! We are really proud of her!!

The rain is coming today..yuck! Last week I was invited to a media luncheon on the lake! That is scheduled for tomorrow. With the rain and lightening storms expected I don't know if they will still be having it. It's an honor to have been invited! I'm hoping to get some great shots of the water skiers! Although I've yet to shoot in manual on action shots. Could be Hope everyone is enjoying the week!!!

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