Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 151 ~ Find A Grave

My mom has me hooked on Find A Grave!! Everyday I'm becoming more & more like her and it scares the crap-o out of me! LOL I love my mom.

I signed up yesterday and I've already found 9 out of 12 at this cemetery. It is a site where people who work on genealogy can build pages of memorials & family trees. It's actually pretty neat. Jaylene wasn't too thrilled about our adventure but I'm going to attempt to make it more fun for her today by giving her my point & shoot canon and she can help take pictures. I didn't feel comfortable posting the headstones I did get photos of so I posted this sign that was at one of the graves.

Today we are going to two different cemeteries. One has three, and the other has eight. I'm excited. I get to take photos and also help people with finding or completing their pages.


  1. That's so great. I go to cemeteries for lots of reasons - maybe I should do this too.

  2. love the humor :)

    great journaling with the photo~