Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 150 ~

I found these cute little pink flowers coming up in the backyard! The wind was blowing and I was shooting handheld, I took about 30 of these before I got it crisp enough!

If anyone hasn't seen Avatar, I am highly recommending it! What an amazing movie, loved the graphics and special effects! I wish I was an Avatar there and had a camera! I'm hoping for a sequel!! Yes, I cried throughout the movie! I must be emotional lately, then again I cry when I watch the Brawny commerical! LOL


  1. THose are dianthus. I love them. They take full sun and are sturdy enough to take the Texas heat while giving us some much needed color. Beautiful colors.

  2. They look like those paper flowers! So colorful - I especially like the composition on the first image.