Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 159 ~ Female Bullock's Oriole

This is the best photo I've ever be able to get of this bird, and it's not the best.

This isn't a very good photo. Actually it sucks. I saw the bird fly into the Trumpet Vine & tried to get some hand held photos. The hummingbirds are very happy that the Trumpet Vine has bloomed.

Yesterday I ended up going to the cemetery to find 8 people. I missed my lil sidekick Jaylene helping me out! A few more weeks and I can see her! Anyhow, Jim, the groundskeeper was nice enough to help me out. After I'm sure he watched me wondering around for about 30 minutes before asking!
Today I will only be going to two cemeteries for three people. I'm feeling really good today. Still slightly sore, but nothing like I've experienced over the years!!!! This is going to be a good thing!!!

Happy Friday!!

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