Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 156 ~ What yesterday was like & why I was up all night....

Well, today is the big day. My first set of shots into my spine. I'm nervous, tired and worried about leaving Whiskey home alone. I've had a long night.

Yesterday Whiskey got into a fight twice with my roommates dog. I'm wondering how he got his ass kicked seeing that he has 40 pounds on her. Most of you know that my dogs are like my children. I love them all very much. We have now set up a schedule for when Whiskey can go outside and when Gracie can go outside. This is not what I wanted to be dealing with and worrying about today. The vet said they can no longer be around eachother, that now Gracie is comfortable in the house she is trying to become the alpha dog. I thought I was the alpha in the house, I guess not. LOL I've always thought that I was good with dogs, I thought I'd be able to get them back to normal. I am doubting myself now. We came home from the vet and I had Whiskey on the leash, I took him outside and Gracie tried to attack him again. I need Cesar Millan!! I'm not sure what we are going to do, it's not fair for Gracie to be stuck in the bedroom all day nor is it fair for all of us to fear this happening again. My poor Whiskey!! He has a drain in his neck, and a lot of punture wounds on his back and butt. I hope he heals quickly!

In between round one and two I was able to get some great shots of the hummingbird feeding and a dragonfly. I love the first shot of the dragonfly, he seems to be smiling at me! I'm not sure if I will be posting tomorrow, it just depends on how I feel. Hope everyone has a great day! :)


  1. Great photos - Poor Whiskey! Did you submit your bug photos to Pioneer Woman? I think the dragonfly is smiling. Hope your procedure/shots went okay.

  2. Oh.. poor little guy. I am sorry he is hurt! I hope you can all resolve your alpha standings in the house! The dragonflies are beautiful - great macro shots of them - I love dragonflies. I will be sending healing thoughts and prayers for your comfort!

  3. Poor baby! Fabulous dragonfly!