Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 113 ~ Yesterday's Clouds

Yesterday's clouds were cool! I wish I would have went out on the river at sunset, it would have been beautiful. I saw a bald eagle flying over our backyard today, I ran inside to grab my camera and change my lens, I asked Chris & Jaylene to watch out for the eagle, and of course they didn't! I was sooo upset and disappointed! I wanted to cry! It had to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen flying! Tomorrow we are heading to Bailey's Cove on Shasta Lake for a hike and to have lunch at the lake, it should be a great day!


  1. Beautiful pics!
    I too lost out on a bald eagle shot recently. There one minute, gone the next..
    Have fun at Shasta Lake. Take lotsa pics!

  2. I will never capture an eagle without a telephoto zoom. I don't even try to capture them anymore! :) I hope you have a good hike and some beautiful weather like you shot here! Gorgeous clouds and blue sky! Perfect!

  3. Thank you both on your comments!

    Yo~ I have a 75-300mm lens. I like it, I wish I had a better one though.