Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 121~

It was nice seeing everyone and the weather was okay. I did miss my mom though! I'm still not feeling great so I'm not into typing this morning. I plan on getting Jaylene on the bus and crawling back into bed.

Yesterday we went to the Botanical Gardens, there are so many new flowers blooming. It's was nice! I didn't use my tri-pod for this shot, although I should have, it isn't that crisp. I'll be posting the garden pictures for the next couple days, or at least until I'm feeling 100%.


  1. Very nice and I was there! Hope you are feeling better soon. Thank you for a great time.

  2. This is a winner!! Beautiful capture and composition! It is very sharp and crisp considering you didn't use the tripod - well done!!

  3. I love this ;)

    beautifully done.... "take me with you" lol