Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 135 ~ Peaches

Four peach trees are a pain in the booty to keep up with!! Especially when I'm allergic to them! LOL As you can see, there is peach curl, and I have peaches too close to one another. I have some work to do. I finally have the orchard ladder back so hopefully I can get some of the thinning out finished today.

My back has just become a nuisance. I sit, I hurt. I stand, I hurt. I walk too long, I hurt...honestly it's just ridiculous and complaining about it doesn't really help. I'm completely frustrated. Chris mowed the lawn for me on Saturday, I really appreciated it but I wish I could be doing it. I love yard work, I love being outside. Chris made me a pallet bed outside yesterday so I laid out in the sun and watch my daughter play wall-ball. I did make it yesterday with just taking two 800mg ibuprofen. Hopefully sometime this week I will know when they are doing the procedure.


  1. love how the sunlight is hitting the middle peach. you should try to capture this same shot once it has ripened, it would be cool to put them side by side ;)

  2. Hang in there... I am sorry you are having back pain. I have been there. I had my L5-S1 surgery about 10 years ago - I had a broken (sequestrated) disc. They removed a remnant of it from my spinal canal, and I was able to use my right leg again! I have been great ever since, no pain, no nerve damage, etc. I hope they relieve your pain.

    I've been a little behind in my posting/blogging and reading - I had a friend visiting me from NY which occupied me for the past several days. I too, have been a little uninspired lately - but I just keep pushing. Please don't give up! Be proud of all your work - the good ones, the bad ones... its part of the growth process of this!

  3. Really? We owned a peach orchard and I never found it that hard. Annoying when the fuzz got in the crook of your arm, or behind your knee. I guess I was too young to remember the ick.

    I'm sorry you are still having back issues. It takes so much time - you may not be able to wait for the surgery. I'm going to say a little prayer.