Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 131 ~ HDR Sunset

The sunset wasn't as spectacular as I hoped, but the clouds were amazing! The one that I really liked of the HDR's was way overexposed on the top part of the clouds & I couln't figure out how to tone it down a bit.

I have to say that lately I have been feeling lost. I'm not sure if it's hormonal, or if it's from laying down so much & having so much time to think. Yesterday morning I was honestly thinking of no longer doing this blog nor my websites. It's amazing how so many of you keep me going, with comments, emails or text messages, just to say you liked a certain photo. I do see a HUGE difference in my photos from a year ago & I am impressed with how much I have improved. I'm impressed to see everyone else grow and improve! So with a long chat with my friend T & getting out of the house last night really helped! I want to continue this jouney, finished what I started. I hope at the end of this I will see even more improvement.

I do have a lot of passion for photography, but at times I am my own worst critic. After many trials & errors I sometimes want to throw in the towel. I notice a lot of my fellow bloggers have the moment where we have lost the inspiration & really don't know what else to photograph. I am honored to have the followers that I do & I enjoy reading comments, whether they are positive or ideas on how I can improve.

Today is my appt. with the spine specialist, I am excited & actually quite scared. I just hope that after 6 years something can be done with the possibility of me still being able to play softball, go hiking and maybe actually walk & sit without pain!


  1. No don't quit! I love checking out what you do everyday. I know I've said this before, but we all have those days. Take some shots at the Doctor's office, it doesn't always have to be about the outside. Take a different angle, only take half of the picture look at some "out-there" photographers and be inspired.

    I love the color play on the clouds in these shots.

  2. Beautiful photos! do.not.quit. Hope your appointment went well.