Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Because....

I'm wide awake and honestly sick of laying flat on my back. I edited a few more pictures from our mother's day walk.

I spent about 45 minutes going through my Home Depot Gardening 1-2-3 book. I love gardening!! I wish I had a book with every flower and plant in it so I knew the names of the flowers that I have taken photos of. I can't figure out what type of flower today's early post is of. It's bugging me. Maybe if I'm up to it and it isn't raining I will head down to the botanical gardens and see if I can find out the name.

I really appreciate everyone taking the time to look at my photos & commenting!!! All of my fellow bloggers are an inspiration to me & keep me going! I truely enjoy viewing and commenting on everyone's blogs.

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