Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 116~

Another flower from the hike. I have a lot of them. I know I haven't taken these pictures each day but I'm too busy with yard work and house cleaning to take photos this week. Chris' parents, Godparents, Noni, Aunt and Uncle will be here Friday/Saturday for a Mother's Day bbq. The yard has to looks it's best!

Yesterday I worked out in the yard for about 8 hours. This morning I am a LITTLE sore. I'm trying to pull up all the grass that is growing in the gravel driveway in the backyard. I also pruned the roses, fertilized the lawn and pulled weeds. Our backyard is pretty huge, I don't mind the work but it does take me a long time! I am grounded from the weedeater, I weedeated my leg. DUH BRE! LOL Today I will be working on trimming the hedges in the front yard, they have these pretty white flowers but they stink! Plus, they make us all sneeze. I'd like to get the backyard flower beds weeded today but I don't know how much my back can handle. My husband has agreed to come home at 1pm everyday this week to help me which is awesome seeing he hates yard work!

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